2017 Shawn Lloyd Modest Warrior Champion Joliet Jackhammers

& GM Clint “One Shoe Gary” Johnson

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29 Keepers   =   Rounds 1-4

30 Keepers   =   Rounds 1-3

31 Keepers   =  Round 1 & 2

32 Keepers   =  Round 1 Only

33 Keepers   =  No picks, bypassing

NDBL Draft order

  1. Chicago (TBD)*
  2. Rancho Cucamonga
  3. Minneapolis
  4. Toronto
  5. Vancouver
  6. Grand Forks
  7. Superior
  8. Cedar Rapids
  9. Silicon Valley
  10. Scottsdale
  11. Bristol
  12. Warwick
  13. Duluth
  14. Joliet

AAA Draft Order

  1. New Westminster
  2. Piedmont
  3. Vancouver
  4. Elizabethton (TBD)
  5. Charleston
  6. Bellingham
  7. Tampa
  8. Las Vegas
  9. Portland
  10. Carolina
  11. Sacramento
  12. Gwinnett
  13. Orlando
  14. Eugene (TBD)

Double A Draft Order

  1. Open #2
  2. Open#6
  3. Sandusky
  4. Waco
  5. Ontario
  6. Bowling Green
  7. Open #3
  8. Open #8
  9. Open #7
  10. Open #1
  11. Sioux Falls
  12. Open #4
  13. Flagstaff
  14. Open #5



2018 GM Moves

NDBL Premier League

 At the highest level, we were anticipating some change heading into the season.  Famed FFSN mogul Jim Debew of South Bend, IN after all is still missing in action having disappeared late last spring without a trace.  His competitive presence is sure to be missed as large as his contributions to all sports in the FFSN universe were.  As he leaves his last league, he goes out the best Multisport GM of all time.  Second most points (to me, unfairly the creator), first to reach the coveted 1000 point threshold and holder of an unbelievable 6 premier league titles.  His accomplishments in the FFSN were undoubtedly outside of the sport of baseball, the last he entered, as he leaves ranked 16th all time with a mere 82 resume points.  He will be best remembered for drafting his Biloxi Shuckers franchise from scratch at the start of AAA, going 13-3 before losing in the Watermelon League title game before moving on to found the first representation of Chicago in the NDBL premier league where his rebuilding efforts lost steam through 2 forgettable campaigns.

Ace Feltman will be best remembered for baseball.  Granted he dabbled in other sports, leaving hoops the 8th best GM all time and walking through a single 2 win season at the helm of the Texas Longhorns in Division 1 football, baseball was his focus.  His founded and self drafted Texas Red Kitties went 69-27 over six regular seasons, won 5 national league pennants, the 2015 NDBL championship and walked away with 405 baseball specific resume points, most all time next to me placing him in the discussion for greatest of all time.  A total fuckface for quitting or “retiring”, he did so most respectfully by providing notice at the start of his final season so I guess I shouldn’t hold on to the grudge too long.

Another original GM, Carl Meck’s departure was more sudden indeed.   The 3 sport GM, also founding teams in hoops and football was always one of the quickest to commit his Cedar Rapids Kernals once each season opened up.  This year, he stalled.  I reached out and found out he was debating his return.  Work was crazy, second kid of the way and unsure if his declining focus would prove the team the edge they needed.   After all the last 3 seasons (19-29) were a far replacement for the first 3 (34-14) in which he was on the Modest Warrior trophy’s doorstep.  I provided some time hoping he would come back and unfortunately he didn’t before February concluded.  Meck leaves baseball the 6th highest ranked GM of all time and hopefully will return to run his football and hoops teams which are still very much competitive.

Out with the old in with the….. old?   Big B Bob Henderson is not new to the NDBL.  In fact, he helped start it in 2012.  His run as the GM of the original Warwick Bombers lasted just two years accounting for a record of (11-21).  After spending a year out of the FFSN entirely, Bob sank a toe back in  with drafting a team in the ADHL hockey league (which is currently competing for that league’s Martin Cup as this is written) in the fall of 2014.  In the spring of 2015 he entered AAA as an original GM and drafting his Orlando Red Sox.  Not an overnight sensation, Hendy won just 3 games the first year before turning in a 500 effort the next.  In the 2017, he really started flirting his potential with a combined record of 13-6, representing the Watermelon League in the AAA finals and earning himself the first choice of promotion in 2018.   Though rare, Henderson reaches the highest level on his second tour of duty in Warwick with a heavily sub 500 career record (35-48) though it’d be hard to argue he doesn’t belong with the job he did turning around Boston and his stature as a founding GM.

Miggy Martinez also had experience in the NDBL premier league once upon a time.  Longtime piggyback assistant GM to FFSN juggernaut Shawn Lloyd, Martinez stepped out to field his own team, The New England Haymakers in 2014, the final season before minor league levels were to start being added.  New England unremarkably went 3-29 in their two seasons in the NDBL before in the spring of 2016, Martinez messaged me to let me know he was done.  Leveling with him I had to admit that he’d actually been fired for finishing dead last and that in the new system successful GM’s from lower leagues were being promoted up and that he actually had a chance to redeem himself taking over a competing team in AAA which he gladly accepted.  That was the pivot point.   In the time since then, Miggy has established himself as an up and coming and independent GM in all 4 FFSN sports.  The Portland Pawsox of AAA went 21-11 over two seasons making the Pacific Coast playoffs twice and leaving him the confidence he needs to take the Haymakers to the next level refurbishing Meck’s former Kernals club.

Sean Van Kirk is boring by most comparisons here.  There is no True Hollywood roller coaster ride of blown stints in the big leagues and rises to redemption back up.   What SVK brings to the highest level is consistency.  26-22 over 3 seasons as founding GM of the Sacramento River Cats AAA club, 2017 being his finest yet earning his rise to premier league for the 1st of his 3 FFSN sports.  Sean also really likes Phish which is awesome.

More on the GM moves when AAA and AA get solidified here…


2016 Rezy Awards


Click Here for the 2016 End of Season Resume Report 

2016 is in the books & just like that the FFSN is a full 5 years old.  It was a different world in which it had started but I still remember it like yesterday.  My shitty 125 year old victorian house in the east central hillside of Duluth, some bowls and beers & Matt “Spew” Stromquist and I laid down the stakes and created what would become the ADFL football league one fall day in 2011.  I believe at that time it was called instead the National Deep D Dynasty League or NDDDL.  I recruited a group of participants off of the ESPN message boards and a handful of other guys from leagues I was in and away it went.  I had a good team that season but Mike Miller had a better one and won the name sake of what would become the Miller Cup.  It was clear after that first season that some things needed improvement.  One the talent pool had no pre-selection to it and half the GM’s right off the bat were clearly not serious about running their teams for the long haul. Two, the 20 team size of the league spread the talent pool too thin considering the large, 40 man rosters.   A lot of what began is still there today however it was without hesitation that we went back to the drawing board the following season and created a second, more superior league – the NDFL.  This time we would take our time finding GM’s, place them through a qualifying interview process (they would complete applications and submit along with actual branding ideas for teams) and limit the number of teams to a modest 14.   It was a success.   11 of the 14 GM’s to complete the 2012 NDFL season still play in the FFSN football system today while only 4 GM’s (out of 20) who finished the ADFL’s 2011 season – myself, Stromquist, Trevor “Koop” Koopmeiners & Steve Pitoscia, are still active.  

Additionally in 2012, the NDBL baseball and NDHL hockey leagues began, each with disaster.    In the initial 33 round baseball draft, there had been a miscommunicated setting limiting the amount of starting pitchers at something semi low like 11 so when one or two GM’s went to implement their draft strategy of filling their benches with Keith Law’s favorite 19 year old arms and couldn’t, started going ape-shit.  Considering half of the people I’d recruited didn’t know 5 players who weren’t All Stars or Minnesota Twins, there was alot of “who the fuck is Gerrit Cole, who gives a fuck?”.    In hockey, an NHL lockout in the fall of 2012 meant there was a solid 4 month period of separation between when we drafted our initial rosters and when the abbreviated season actually started but the show went on and the following season the ADBA basketball league was started to round out all 4 corners of professional sports.  Today, the FFSN family covers 17 total leagues.  

In the year of 2016, a record 91 different participants competed in at least 1 FFSN sport.   The top 10 are celebrated with the “Rezy” Awards.  This season, the Rezy’s said goodbye to some very familiar faces with the absences of Jon Mertz and Matt Stromquist from the top 10, the first since the creation of the FFSN and Resume Report.  This season also saw the entry of some new and emerging talent making their way up the ladder with Farhon Smith, Steve Pitoscia & David MiCallef representing for their first time.  From a milestone standpoint, I became the first one with 1000 career resume points (Jim Debew will follow suit this year).   Each of us also won a record 5th premier league title (me in basketball and Debew in hockey.   It’s no surprise to see us at the top of chain again however, anyone who has been paying any attention at all is wondering how long it will take Next-Gen Chris Martin to get to the top once and for all.  


Togz  267.5

Jim Debew 260.5

Farhon Smith 196.5

Chris Martin 195

Tim Avery 164

Johnny Sampson 158.5

Shaun Lloyd 136

Steve Pitoscia 136

Carl Meck 130.5

David MiCallef 127

Click Here for the full Resume Report

2016 FFSN Bowl Series Preview



Down to the last week o play for all 56 FFSN football franchises.  Across 4 leagues, there is not a single game out of the 448 to be played that doesn’t matter for something.  Either you are playing for a title or a better first draft pick.  To celebrate the unique and awesome level of competitiveness we have throughout each level of play, we present a comprehensive BOWL calendar.  Note: Career Points listed have not been updated to include 2016 stats.

Tier One: NDFL 

civil-war-bannerCivil War V: Windsor (Canada) Whiskey Pigs vs Pittsburgh Miners

Windsor GM: Matt “Spew” Stromquist  Career 290

Pittsburgh GM: Trevor “Koop” Koopmeiners Career 186

Significance: FFSN & NDFL Championship game, winner receives 1st place and the 14th pick in 2017, loser 2nd place and 13th pick next season. 


Gravy Bowl V: Iowa Barnstormers vs Chicago Syndicate

Iowa GM: Carl Meck  Career 190

Chicago GM: James DeBew Career 190

Significance: Winner earns 3rd place and receives the 11th pick in the first round of 2017.  Loser gets 4th place and the 12th selection.


Cannabis Cup V: North Minnesota Leaf Keepers vs. Idaho Snowdogs

North Minnesota GM: Tim Fischer   Career 385

Idaho GM: Jon Mertz  Career 180

Significance:  Winner of the two week, best total points series wins 5th place and gets the 9th overall pick in the 2017 draft.  The loser ends up with 6th and the 10th selection.

reconstruction-bowl-bannerReconstruction Bowl V: Appalachia Assassins vs. Springfield Butchers

Appalachia GM:  Clint Johnson  Career 131

Springfield GM: Josh Maynard  Career 147

Significance:  Winner takes the TIT championship, earning 7th place and lands the first overall selection in 2017.  The loser nets 8th places the 2nd overall pick in addition.


Bourbon Bowl V: Kingston Duppies vs Atlanta Blazed

Kingston GM: Sam Salwei   Career 145

Atlanta GM: Brad Fung  Career 145

Significance: Winner is named 9th place and receives 3rd overall in 2017.  Loser is 10th place and picks 4th.

Burrito Bowl V: Buffalo Rout vs Denver Chem Dogs

Buffalo GM:  Drew Deecker  Career 140

Denver GM: Steve Pitoscia  Career 102

Significance: Winner is 11th place and receives the 5th overall pick in 2017.  Loser is 12th place and gets pick #6.


Poop Bowl V: Anaheim Anarchist vs. New Orleans Voodoo

Anaheim GM: Simon Goddard  Career 121

New Orleans GM: Achille Fink III  Career 170

Significance: Winner gets 13th place and rights to pick #7 in 2017.  Loser is dead last in league and picks 8th in 2017.

On the Hot Seat:  1) Johnson (Appalachia, 14th in total season points)  2) Goddard (Anaheim, 13th in total season points)

Tier Two: ADFL

Miller Cup ’17: Silicon Valley Stormtroopers vs Des Moines Darkside

Silicon Valley GM: Tim Avery  Career 101

Des Moines GM: Trey Meyer  Career 118

Significance:  ADFL Championship Game.  Winner is 1st place, receives option for automatic promotion to NDFL, has the TIT consolation round championship cup named after them, team retains 14th pick in 2017.  Loser is 2nd place, may option to interview for NDFL promotion, team retains 13th overall pick next season

Fischer Cup ’17: Chicago Big Bear Balls Vs. Los Angeles Kiss

Chicago GM:  Sheldon “Thurman Murman” Turner  Career 40

LA GM: Manuel Tamayo  Career 40

Significance: Winner is 3rd place, has option to interview for NFL promotion, team retains pick 11 in 2017.  Loser is 4th place and ends up with pick #12.

Maynard Cup ’17: Bozeman Browns vs. New York Highlanders

Bozeman GM:  Tim Fischer  *

New York GM:  Shaun Lloyd  Career 92

Significance:  Winner of the two week, total points series earns 5th place and gets pick #9 in 2017.  Loser ends up 6th and gets the 10th pick next season.

Purgatory Cup ’17: Toronto Buchlickers vs. Boston Buzzard Beaches

Toronto GM: Johnny Sampson  Career 64

Boston GM: Kevin Uknows  Career 68

Significance: Winner receives 7th place and gets rights to the 1st overall pick in the 2017 draft. Loser gets 8th place and the second pick in 2017.

Pantheon Cup ’17: Hawaii Hawaiians vs. Scottsdale Hurricanes

Hawaii GM: Ryan Baikal  Career 39

Scottsdale GM: Farhon Smith 24

Significance: Winner is 9th place and gets pick #3 in 2017.  Loser is 10th place and gets pick #4 next season.

Coronado Cup ’17: Detroit Lions vs Minneapolis Mayhem

Detroit GM: Jeff Bergin Career 36

Minneapolis GM: Myke Connelly Career 120

Significance: Winner gets 11th place and is awarded pick #5 in 2017.  Loser is 12th place and picks 6th next season.

Jaden Johns Jon Austin Memorial Ass to Mouth Cup ’17: Alabama vs Sacramento

Alabama Purple Haze GM: Bob Crumpton  Career 100

Sacramento Bounty Hunters GM: Michael Rivera  Career 45

Significance: Winner is 13th, picks 7th.  Loser is 14th, picks 8th

 ADFL Hot Seat:  1. Sampson (Toronto dead last in total points).  Sacramento, 2nd to last is exempt as Rivera is a 1st year GM

Tier Three: NCAA Division 1

BCS Title Game: Washington State Cougars vs Florida State Seminoles

WSU GM: Chris Martin  Career 40

FSU GM: Mark Maimoni  Career 45

Significance:  Winner is D1 Champ, get option for automatic promotion to ADFL, lands 14th overall pick in 2017.  Loser is 2nd place, has option to interview with ADFL teams and team retains pick #13 in 2017.

Rose Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs vs Washington Huskies

Georgia GM: Tim Fischer

Washington GM: Mike Moore  Career 83

Significance: Winner is 3rd place, has option to interview for ADFL teams, lands 11th overall pick in 2017.  Loser gets 4th place and the 12th overall pick next season.

Fiesta Bowl: Florida Gators vs Stanford Cardinals

Florida GM: Zach Ingber  Career 12

Stanford GM: Terry Kilbourne  Career 12

Significance: Winner of the two week, total points series is 5th place and gets pick #9 in 2017.  Loser gets 6th place and takes pick #10 in 2017.

Cotton Bowl: UCLA Bruins vs Oregon Ducks

UCLA GM: Rob (?)  Career 12

Oregon: Josh Maynard (interim)

Significance:  Winner is 7th place and earns the 1st overall pick in the 2017 draft.  Loser is 8th and picks second in 2017.

Orange Bowl: South Carolina Gamecocks vs California Golden Bears

SC GM: Danny Turner  Career 25

Cal GM: Chris Jimenez  Career 54

Significance:  Winner is 9th place and gets the 3rd pick in the 2017  draft.  Loser is 10th place and picks 4th.

Peach Bowl: Michigan State Spartans vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

MSU GM: Jim DeBew  (interim)

VTU GM: Tony Gjerdahl Career 10

Significance: Winner is 11th place and gets the 5th pick in the 2017 draft.  Loser is 12th place and picks 6th.

Motor City Bowl: Colorado Buffalos vs Rutgers Scarlet Knights

CU GM: Jesse Susuras Career 27

Rutgers GM: Josh Potter  Career 21

Significance: Winner is 13th place and gets pick #7 in 2017.  Loser gets 14th place and picks 8th.

D1 Hotseat:  With MSU and Oregon each open for promotions from D2, no teams are at risk for demotion.

Tier Four: NCAA Division 2

Sugar Bowl: Boise State Broncos vs. Bowling Green Falcons

BSU GM: Casey Campbell  Rookie

BGSU GM: Jason Phillips  Rookie

Significant Winner is the Division 2 Champion, has option for automatic promotion to D1, teams retains pick #14 in 2017.  Loser is 2nd place, has option to interview for D1 teams and retains #13 overall pick next season.

Alamo Bowl: Youngstown State Penguins vs Hawaii Hawaiians

YSU GM: Alex Hubbell  Career 12

Hawaii GM: Miggy Martinez  Rookie

Significance: Winner gets 3rd place, option to interview for D1 teams and 11th pick in 2017.  Loser gets 4th place and the 12th pick next season.

Hula Bowl: North Dakota State Bison vs Navy Midshipmen

NDSU GM: Tim Fischer

Navy GM:  Michael Bolding  Rookie

Significance: Winner of the two week, most points series gets 5th place and pick #9 next season.  Loser is 6th place and picks #10 in 2017.

Citrus  Bowl: Air Force Falcons vs Brown Bears

Air Force GM: Jay Thompson Career 10

Brown GM: David MiCallef  Career 8

Significance: Winner is 7th place and gets the 1st overall pick in the 2017 draft.  Loser gets 8th place and the 2nd overall pick

Outback Bowl: Rhode Island Rams vs Eastern Washington Eagles

RIU GM: Bob Henderson  Career 40

EWU GM: Terry Kilbourne  (interim)

Significance:  Winner is 9th place and gets the 3rd overall pick in 2017.  Loser gets 10th and picks 4th.

Pinstripe Bowl: San Jose State Spartans vs Princeton Tigers

SJSU GM: Harold Miyamura  Rookie

Princeton GM: RS Majorczak  Rookie

Significance: Winner is 11th place and nets the 5th overall pick in 2017.  Loser is 12th and gets pick #6.

Yukon Territory Sleet Bowl: Duquesne Dukes vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves

DU GM: Sean Van Kirk  Rookie

AS GM: Matthew Legg  Rookie

Significance; Winner is 13th place, picks 7th.  Loser is last place, picking 8th.

Resume Report Update 9.22.2015

Click Here for All New Resume Report (9/22/15)

Twins GM Terry Ryan, left, sits with Twins scout Mark Wilson, right, during the first inning as the Minnesota plays Illinois in the Big 10 baseball tournament at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minn., on Wednesday, May 22, 2013. Gophers won 3-2. (Pioneer Press: Ben Garvin)

Off the wings of an epic baseball season that saw Ace Feltman shake his playoff curse and Chris Martin dominate as he did on the rink, it’s only fair to update the Resume Report going into the finally sport season of 2015, football.   While Jimmy Debew failed to win his first adventure in baseball, he did amass enough points to more or less clinch his 2nd consecutive Rezy Award though the final results will not be back until January.    

A War Against Trees, My Dickhead Neighbors & The 2015 FFSN Dynasty Baseball Regular Season Wrap Up Podcast



Miguel Sano attends cocaine party with local roots rocker

We are at the MLB All Star Break which means in FFSN play, we are at the tail end of the regular season.  For as much hype as there is for what teams will make the playoffs in any league, for the NDBL and AAA Dynasty League – the culmination of the reg’ season adds the equally interesting conclusion of “The Hot Seat” or the battle to see who finishes at the bottom and is possibly demoted to a lower league for the following season.  In the Bigs, 4 teams (Joliet, Rancho Cucamonga, Superior and New England) could still mathematically finish 13th or 14th.    On the more positive side of the candle, we have previews for the 3 teams looking to nail down a solified playoff lock in all 4 conferences as well as highlighting the only 2 remaining bubble situations.  

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Corporate Training: What exactly is the FFSN?


5 years ago I started creating fantasy sports dynasty leagues.  Currently, we are in the process of launching our 10th and 11th leagues spanning all 4 major sports.   Besides the obvious contest involved with the single leagues, there are larger competitions in the form of annual multisport awards and career based achievements.  Additionally, each league in every sports exists a tier system in which winning GM’s earn promotions and struggling GM’s can be demoted, exemplifying the role of a real pro sports front office.  Considering the FFSN is entirely unique, I created a kind of training podcast to get folks up to speed with what it’s all about.

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