Resume Report Update 9.22.2015

Click Here for All New Resume Report (9/22/15)

Twins GM Terry Ryan, left, sits with Twins scout Mark Wilson, right, during the first inning as the Minnesota plays Illinois in the Big 10 baseball tournament at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minn., on Wednesday, May 22, 2013. Gophers won 3-2. (Pioneer Press: Ben Garvin)

Off the wings of an epic baseball season that saw Ace Feltman shake his playoff curse and Chris Martin dominate as he did on the rink, it’s only fair to update the Resume Report going into the finally sport season of 2015, football.   While Jimmy Debew failed to win his first adventure in baseball, he did amass enough points to more or less clinch his 2nd consecutive Rezy Award though the final results will not be back until January.    

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A War Against Trees, My Dickhead Neighbors & The 2015 FFSN Dynasty Baseball Regular Season Wrap Up Podcast



Miguel Sano attends cocaine party with local roots rocker

We are at the MLB All Star Break which means in FFSN play, we are at the tail end of the regular season.  For as much hype as there is for what teams will make the playoffs in any league, for the NDBL and AAA Dynasty League – the culmination of the reg’ season adds the equally interesting conclusion of “The Hot Seat” or the battle to see who finishes at the bottom and is possibly demoted to a lower league for the following season.  In the Bigs, 4 teams (Joliet, Rancho Cucamonga, Superior and New England) could still mathematically finish 13th or 14th.    On the more positive side of the candle, we have previews for the 3 teams looking to nail down a solified playoff lock in all 4 conferences as well as highlighting the only 2 remaining bubble situations.  

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Corporate Training: What exactly is the FFSN?


5 years ago I started creating fantasy sports dynasty leagues.  Currently, we are in the process of launching our 10th and 11th leagues spanning all 4 major sports.   Besides the obvious contest involved with the single leagues, there are larger competitions in the form of annual multisport awards and career based achievements.  Additionally, each league in every sports exists a tier system in which winning GM’s earn promotions and struggling GM’s can be demoted, exemplifying the role of a real pro sports front office.  Considering the FFSN is entirely unique, I created a kind of training podcast to get folks up to speed with what it’s all about.

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2015 FFSN Dynasty Football Preview 5.19.2015

BeckhamLeague Pages are now open for the 2015 FFSN Dynasty Football Leagues; NDFL, ADFL & D1.  In addition, the D2 Dynasty League will be created adding a 4th tier for this year.  To celebrate the opening of the 2015 season, we’ve created a podcast welcoming everyone back and to cover the top 5 stories coming into this season.

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The 2014 Resume Report & Rezy Awards 5.19.2015 FFSN Podcast

Stadium View

Now that 2014 is long gone and 2015 is half over for FFSN play, it’s time to release the annual installment of the Resume Report and feature a podcast counting down all 10 Finalists for last year’s prestigious Rezy Awards.  Congrats to the Finalists; Jim Debew, Drew Decker, Tim Fischer, Clint Johnson, Shaun Lloyd, Carl Meck, Jon Mertz, Johnny Sampson, Matt Stromquist & Manuel Tamayo.  You will need to listen to the podcast to see who wins and read through the report to see the complete numbers as well as a sneak peek on how the 2015 Rezy’s are shaping up with hockey and hoops already played out.  

Click Here to Listen or Right Click to Download The Podcast

Click Here to Read or Right Click to Download The Resume Report


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Fake Bullshit Credit Cards 2.22.2015 Hockey Podcast

We are underway with the 2015 FFSN Hockey Playoffs.  In this podcast we cover the freshly established “fuckable four” in both the NDHL and ADHL. 

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0:00 Intro

2:16 Fake Bullshit Credit Card Story

10:17 ADHL Updates

14:02 NDHL Updates

20:10 Hanger 18 Outro

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McRubber Burnbag 2.1.2015 Basketball Podcast


The 2014/15 regular season is over in both FFSN Dynasty Hoops Leagues.  The first podcast this season picks up where the Freak 14 begins, covers who’s who in both leagues and discusses the controversial Angel Lopez Bukaki-gate that went down this past week.

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Hard Drive Blues 1.18.2015 Hockey Podcast

2014/15 has been a great season thus far in Fischer Fantasy Sports Net (FFSN) Hockey with another strong season in the NDHL and the maiden voyage for the new ADHL minor league.   

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0:00 Intro 

1:05 The Hard Drive Blues Story

7:55 Raliegh Riff Raff Ikola Chalice Banner Award Ceremony 

10:10 NDHL Updates

21:06 Business with Interleague Promotions / Demotions 

32:04 ADHL Updates

43:45 Martian Monster Outro 

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03202013 Farewell Transmission by Songs:Ohia

Jason Molina(Click Here To Play of Right Click + Save = mp3 download)

Jason Molina passed away this week as a result of organ failure.  Starting in 1996, he released music under the name Songs: Ohia, accompanied by a rotating cast of other musicians.   Later, upon Molina’s 2003 release The Magnolia Electric Co., his band was billed as such.  From lo-fi folk to scorching roots rock, Molina represented heartland blues music at it’s most genuine.    Like finding a forgotten bottle of red wine after exhausting a fridge full of Molsons listening to early Mazzy Star, Neil Young & Eliot Smith., Molina left much to be desired.

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Remembering Four Toad Sally

Somewhere around 14 or 15 years ago, Four Toad Sally recorded what would stand as both their first and last effort, Dolled Up & Dressed Like A Tramp. Laid down in the living room of drummer David P Fischer and featuring 4 songs mostly written by Dave Ebel, the EP remains as the memories of their days as a formidable East Valley bar band fade with time. Since, the members of 4TS have gone on to play in other bands and have successful professional careers outside of music, tracks like Last and Look Out makes one wonder just how far off, or how little late they may have been from being every bit as relevant as acts that did quite well in the post grunge alternative era.   Here, you may listen (click on song title) or download (right click on title + save as mp3) the EP as you wish.  

Hit The Ground

Look Out (Dolled Up & Dressed Like a Tramp)

Tree House


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